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New requirements to travel to Europe
14 September 2022

Welcome to the official ETIAS website

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What is ETIAS

The rules of travel to Europe have changed. Starting in the first half of 2025, some 1.4 billion people from over 60 visa-exempt countries are required to have a travel authorisation to enter most European countries.

Who should apply

Find out which European countries require an ETIAS travel authorisation, who needs to apply and who is exempt.

What you need to apply

Find out what travel documents can be used to apply for an ETIAS travel authorisation. Learn about what information needs to be included in the application form and how much it costs to apply.

Applying on behalf of others

Learn how to authorise someone to apply for an ETIAS travel authorisation on your behalf and what to be careful about.

Your right to appeal

Find out how to appeal against a decision related to your ETIAS travel authorisation or data protection rights.

Report abuse

Be aware of possible abusive and fraudulent practices by commercial intermediaries and learn how to report them.


Find answers to the most common questions about ETIAS including how to apply, how much it costs and how long it will be valid for.

News corner

Find the latest updates and facts about ETIAS.