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New requirements to travel to Europe
14 September 2022

Applying on behalf of others

Learn how to authorise someone to apply for an ETIAS travel authorisation on your behalf and what to be careful about.

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How to authorise somebody to apply on your behalf

You can either apply for your ETIAS travel authorisation yourself, or you can nominate a third party - another person or a commercial intermediary - to do so on your behalf.

The third party will submit your application through the official ETIAS website or the mobile app.

Both you and the third party will need to sign a declaration of representation. It authorises the third party to compile and submit an ETIAS travel authorisation application

  • on your behalf,
  • on behalf of a minor over whom you exercise parental authority,
  • on behalf of a person over whom you exercise legal guardianship.

Make sure you keep a copy of the signed document in your files – it constitutes the proof that you have authorised somebody else to submit your application and that you have entrusted them with your personal data.

The third party should also keep a copy of the signed declaration of representation for the same reason.

One declaration of representation per traveller

You will need to fill out a separate declaration of representation for each traveller. For example, if you choose to entrust a travel agency to apply for ETIAS travel authorisation on behalf of your family consisting of a mother, a father, two children and a disabled person over whom you exercise legal guardianship, you will need to provide five separate declarations.

What to be careful about

Be aware of scammers

You should select a third party that you trust, as you will provide them with very sensitive information such as your personal data, including passport details. Submitting the application via the official ETIAS website or the mobile app costs EUR 7, but an intermediary may require an additional fee for their services - make sure that this extra fee is reasonable. If you feel that you have been subjected to abuse by a commercial intermediary who, for example, has charged you an excessive amount for submitting your application or has failed to submit it altogether, you may report this anonymously here.

Make sure the intermediary uses your personal email address when applying for your travel authorisation

When applying on your behalf, it is important for the third party to provide an email address that you have personal access to in the application. This email address will be used for the communication between you and the ETIAS authorities for the entire validity of your travel authorisation. If you do not have access to the email address provided in the application, you may lose important information regarding your application and travel authorisation.

Make sure your data is correct

We advise you to ask the third party to share with you a copy of the draft application before they submit it. This will allow you to confirm that the data they included in the application is correct.

Although the third party will need to confirm on your behalf the authenticity, completeness, correctness and reliability of the data submitted and of the statements made, you remain personally responsible for them.

If the information provided in your application is incorrect, your ETIAS travel authorisation may be refused, revoked or annulled. You will also be refused boarding and entry to the European countries requiring ETIAS if the data in your travel document does not correspond to the data in your ETIAS travel authorisation. Read more about what to do if there is a mistake in your application.

Make sure you understand what signing the declaration of representation means

The declaration representation authorises the third party to process your personal data, which is governed by the rules which apply to you, for example based on the country of your residence.

If you have questions about the declaration of representation and the powers granted to the third party, you should seek legal advice before signing the form.