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New requirements to travel to Europe
News article4 March 2024Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs1 min read

ETIAS brings new obligations to carriers

ETIAS brings new obligations to carriers

The ripples of change in European travel requirements brought by ETIAS do not stop at travellers. International airlines, sea and coach operators will also have a role to play.

Once ETIAS is launched in the first half of 2025, air and sea carriers will be required to verify, within 48 hours before the departure, that visa-exempt travellers have a valid ETIAS travel authorisation. International coach operators will have three years to comply with this requirement.

The verification will take place electronically through a new tool – the carrier interface – that the EU will provide for this purpose. In order to use the interface, carriers need to register with eu-LISA, the EU agency responsible for the system. Currently over 1000 carriers have completed the registration process, with the vast majority hailing from the air industry.

The new verification process means that ultimately travellers will not be allowed to board their plane, bus or sea vessel, if they do not have a valid ETIAS. Train operators will not check whether their passengers are in possession of an ETIAS travel authorisation.

Independently from the means of transportation used by the travellers, their ETIAS will always be checked at the border. Travellers departing from the UK by train, such as Eurostar, should be aware that their ETIAS will be checked prior to boarding by a border guard.

Carriers may be held liable and subject to penalties if they transport passengers without valid travel documents. The penalties are determined by the relevant Member States.

ETIAS is expected to be launched in the first half of 2025 to strengthen border security in Europe. For more information about what it means for carriers check the FAQs.

ETIAS brings new obligations to carriers

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Publication date
4 March 2024 (Last updated on: 18 April 2024)
Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs